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You most likely arrived here because you think you may be infected with some sort of malicious malware. Symptoms of a malware infection may include: unwanted pop-ups, hijacked search results, general computer / internet slowness, inability to connect to the internet, unknown processes running, etc...

New viruses and virus variants seem to come along almost everyday, so no matter what virus software you use, and how often you update it, your current security software may not be able to cure or even detect your problem.

Fortunately, virus problems are almost always curable. Because you do not want the malware to return, you will most likely need to download some new software and take a multi-step approach to remove any infection.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to remove the viruses and/or spyware, you can call Big Kiwi Computing(714) 891-7610 to schedule an appointment. One of our technicians will arrive on time, skillfully remove any infections step-by-step, and in no time, you will be back to a clean machine.

During this process, they will also educate you in using best practises for avoiding a re-infection, be it using different software to detect and remove the malware, or updating software and operating system files that could let the infections occur.



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