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Orange County Computer Maintenance and Repairs - On-Site

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In the convenience of your home or place of business, our certified technicians provide comprehensive technical assistance to frustrated clients looking for answers from a credentialed expert.

Our mobile specialists will arrive at your location, (Huntington Beach computer maintenance, and surrounding areas) day or night, and help you in your time of crisis. From virus and spyware removal, installation of peripherals, network setup or any other issue, it becomes our problem.

Our technicians know their stuff! We can be there that day or the next day, and most computer issues can be fixed in an hour or two. Big Kiwi Computing is the quick, easy, and affordable way to fix all your computer problems.

Open 7 days a week, offering the flexibility that accommodates your availability, our support representatives are manning the phone lines right now.

So for the best in Orange County computer repair, call us and make your problem, our problem.


orange county computer maintenance inspect computer
  • Cost:
    Give or take $5, our on-site rate is approximately the same as the hourly rate of technicians at two local major electronics stores - and you won't need to stand in line either!

  • No disassembly required:
    No need to worry about taking your system apart and disconnecting all those cables.

  • No need to transport heavy components:
    Depending on the problem, the technician will often need to see your complete system, including your monitor, and that's a lot to carry.

  • No transportation risks:
    Rough transportation can cause damage to fragile components. Sometimes it's best to leave the computer where it is.

  • Save time:
    Retail store service often requires you to leave your machine for days or even weeks and that is usually not acceptable. With on-site service you will be up and running in much less time, and our technicians will respond to your call within one business day at the latest.

  • Security issues:
    You might have sensitive data on your system that you do not wish to have others look at. With on-site service you can watch as your machine is being serviced. This also lets you keep track of exactly what has been done, and how long it took.

  • Pickup and delivery service(*):
    Sometimes we find that a computer needs more diagnostics time and requires parts and service that we can't perform on an onsite service call. We will then take the computer back to our service bench for you. When the repairs or services have been completed, we will deliver the computer back to your business or home.

    We will give you a full estimate of the repair cost before we fix your computer including parts, labor and travel time.

(*) We have a 15 mile limitation on the above services and charges. Please e-mail us or call for any questions about our on-site service. Normally computer repair in Huntington Beach and surrounding cities.


  • We would love to hear from you, about our products and services, any questions, or to give us feedback
  • Orange County: (714) 891-7610




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