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New WebSite - Big Kiwi ReDesign
new big kiwi web site

After 11 years, our original site (constructed in 2001) did not look good in modern browsers and on newer, larger displays.

From the ground up, we designed a completely new site, based on modern standards, using modern techniques, that shows both the added and expanded services offered by Big Kiwi Computing.

Taking into account the ongoing problems with security and performance, and recent positions taken by some major organizations on the Internet, Big Kiwi Computing has decided to, as of 9/1/2011, not support Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and 7 going forward.

Since their introduction in the last 10 years, both versions have reached the end of their usefullness, and given the choice of newer, more secure, and faster browsers from Microsoft and other companies, our new site uses techniques and languages not completely compatible with IE6/7.

Those visitors coming to our site will now be redirected to a page which details our decision, and gives links to the newer browsers.

We do hope you like the makeover.

New WebSite - LBBC, Inc.
new website developed for lbbc

The website for Long Beach Building Contractors was designed to effectively showcase the company's services to both property management companies and residential homeowners.

After developing the design/layout of the Homepage and main sections, we added Javascript enhancements to improve the User Experience.

While the majority of the site is static, the portfolio will be expanded as LBBC completes new projects.

New WebSite - MM&M
new website developed for MM&M

Master Machine & Maintenance is a natural stone restoration firm based in Huntington Beach. They are fully certified to bring out the natural lustre and shine from marble, granite, limestone, and travertine surfaces.

During the initial interview with the owner, we felt his passion for the stone, and saw very early that the theme for the web site should be "reflection".

As most of the images were light-toned, we designed the site using a dark tone, creating standards-based templates using HTML/CSS to show off the beauty of the stone through the project photographs.

New WebSite - Penner's Hardwood
new website developed for Penners Hardwood

Just as with the web site for MM&M, the beauty of the natural product and the craftmanship of the owner cried out to be framed inside a dark toned environment. The final site captured the natural wood grain patterns, and played them beautifully against a black background, sectioned by caramel colored headings.

The layout of the site itself is completely fluid, with the panels, text and images all sizing in proportion to the size of the browser window. This means that the site would look the same on a 25" display as it would on a mobile phone.


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Windows 8 wows experts
news on Windows 8

Microsoft released an early version of its Windows 8 operating system to developers last week, and so far the hybrid desktop-tablet software is impressing experts.

The OS, scheduled to be released next fall, is winning praise for its design — a rarity for Microsoft products. Windows 8 sports a colorful, tile-based tablet interface called “Metro,” similar to the company’s Windows Phone 7 smart phone operating system.

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  • New WebSite - Big Kiwi ReDesign

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